Nursing & Residential Care

A high quality Care Home, like those within the Amesbury Abbey Group, fully understands the pressures and anxieties you and your family will have surrounding this new chapter in your life. It is our aim to make the whole experience as pleasant and unpressurised as possible.


The terms currently used to describe residential care options are 'care home' or 'care home with nursing'; both alternatives being regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). A care home provides personal care only – such as help with washing, dressing and giving medication, while a care home with nursing must have a registered nurse on duty 24-hours a day, with the skills to address more clinical needs if required.

Some care homes with nursing, like Winton House, are also registered to meet a specific care need, for example dementia.

A high quality care home will ensure that you remain as independent as possible, encouraging you to exercise choice by providing care in such a way that retains your dignity, self esteem and privacy.

High quality nursing and Residential care in Wiltshire and Hampshire

It should also provide you with activities of your choice, appropriately qualified staff and a loving, friendly environment in which you can live a fulfilled life of your choosing.

To find out more about the Group's care homes, the levels of care, the range of services and the living environment each provides, please use the More Links section to the right of this page.

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Link to Respite Care Package Promotion

Respite care packages are now available at each of our nursing homes with prices from £1,350 per week for a two week stay. Please follow this link if you would like to learn more or to contact one of our homes about the services they can provide.