Red Bag Initiative

July 2018

The West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group has acquired funding to purchase 1 or 2 red bags for every care home in Hampshire. RED Bags is an initiative to improve transfers and communication with our local hospitals. A checklist is to be completed by the care home and ward staff to ensure no vital pieces of information, equipment or documentation is missed prior to the transfer between care home, hospital and back. Sutton Manor is delighted to be the second home awarded one of these fab bags and are looking forward to using them to better protect our residents when they are needing hospital care.

red bag.jpg

Resident & Recruitment Day - Winton House, Saturday 29th September between 10am-3pm

Resident and Recruitment Open Day in Conjunction with the Macmillan Coffee Morning

Round The World Cheese & Wine

Everyone enjoyed delicious cheeses and carefully selected wines from our wonderful supplier S.H. Jones.

Egg Day Nursery Sports Day At Sutton Manor - August

Three cheers for th tiny racers!

Abbey Barn Dance

A Wonderful Hoedown.... Yee Ha!!!

Red Bag Initiative

Sutton Manor is delighted to be the second home awarded a Red Bag... read more