Spring Arrives at Amesbury Abbey

4th May 2016

It's taken a long time this year but the sun has finally graced Amesbury this month and although late this year, this spectacular shot by David Cornelius-Reid certainly reminds us how wonderful the Abbey's grounds truly are.

Wishing everyone a fantastic spring season with sunshine aplenty.



Resident & Recruitment Day - Winton House, Saturday 29th September between 10am-3pm

Resident and Recruitment Open Day in Conjunction with the Macmillan Coffee Morning

Round The World Cheese & Wine

Everyone enjoyed delicious cheeses and carefully selected wines from our wonderful supplier S.H. Jones.

Egg Day Nursery Sports Day At Sutton Manor - August

Three cheers for th tiny racers!

Abbey Barn Dance

A Wonderful Hoedown.... Yee Ha!!!

Red Bag Initiative

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